Thank you for participating in the D-Life beta testing for the last several months. We are looking for your feedback and ways to improve the program before releasing it to the whole church. Please provide us with honest and thorough suggestions, criticisms, and recommendations as we look to refine and provide a quality intimate disciple-making tool to our church body. Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you.
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How many D-Life disciplines have you covered?

Were the instructions/guidelines for launching and leading a D-Life clear?

What would’ve been more helpful?

How impactful was the material to help you connect with God deeper?

1=Horrible, 4=Awesome

How many people completed your D-Life group?

Of the {{answer_13879758}} that were a part of your group, how many plan to multiply by launching a second generation D-Life group?

How can D-Life be improved to help you personally?

What did you like most about the D-Life experience?

How did your group use the D-Life material?

Did you access any of the additional resources during your group?

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